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(Russian ˈsizrənj)
(Placename) a port in W central Russia, on the Volga River: oil refining. Pop: 191 000 (2005 est)


(ˈsɪz rən)

a city in the E Russian Federation in Europe, on the Volga. 174,000.
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Electronic auction: accomplishment of courtyards of multi-apartment buildings in the municipal area of syzran at the addresses: pg.
The Mi-8 helicopter of the Syzran branch of the Gagarin and Zhukovsky Air Force Academy had reportedly started shaking violently and the blades of the main rotor hit the tail.
One of the Resettlement Administration's tasks was to collect information on settlers and scouts passing through its Cheliabinsk and Syzran way stations.
Crude runs at the Syzran plant recovered to 101,580 bpd from 81,803 bpd in September after maintenance at its CDU-6 unit.
The first Pyatyorochka-Maxi store wasopened November 18 in Syzran, Samara Region, at theAutobus trade center.
However, their contact with overlapping Palaeocene Syzran Formation is not visible in this section.
Russian mobile phone company VolgaTelecom has started its CDMA450 network trial covering an area including Samara, Toliyatti, Krasnyi Yar, Kinel, Syzran, Novokuibyshevsk, and Otradnyi.
The search is part of a broader investigation of tax evasion charges against Yukos subsidiaries Tomskneft, Samaraneftegaz, and the Kuibyshev, Syzran and Novokuibyshevsk refineries.
As of about 1995 an oil-shale plant at Syzran was processing not more than 50,000 tons of oil shale per year (Kashirskii, 1996).
Syzran Plastics, with an Italian parent com pany, locally assembles the instrument pane while a Packard joint venture produces electronics.
Local Justice Ministry officials rejected the parish's application for the same reasons used in denying the application of a parish in Syzran, a smaller city in the same region of Samara.
Electronic auction: accomplishment of the yard territory of apartment buildings in the municipal area of syzran at the address: sbornik, ul.