Satu Mare

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Sa·tu Ma·re

(sä′to͞o mär′ĕ)
A city of northwest Romania near the Hungarian border northwest of Bucharest.
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(10) 11 Die wichtigsten Ortschaften, in denen heutzutage Sathmar Schwaben leben, sind Sathmar/ Szatmarnemeti (uber 1.000 Personen) und Grosskarol/Nagykaroly (mit 500 Schwaben).
I know of the game without an audience between Angelica and the young law student from the shady allusions of an aged lawyer from Szatmarnemeti. We all put on roles in front of the dedans.
Otilia Macris Cosmuta Boloni (1873-1951) was a permanent correspondent for the journals Budapesti Naplo, Uj idok, Szatmarnemeti Kozlony, New York Herald Tribune.