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 (shchĕ′chēn′) also Stet·tin (stə-tēn′, shtĕ-)
A city of northwest Poland near the mouth of the Oder River. It was ruled by Sweden from 1648 to 1720, when it was ceded to Prussia. After World War II the city became part of Poland.


(Polish ˈʃtʃɛtsin)
(Placename) a port in NW Poland, on the River Oder: the busiest Polish port and leading coal exporter; shipbuilding. Pop: 435 000 (2005 est). German name: Stettin


(ˈʃtʃɛt tʃin, -sin)

a seaport in NW Poland. 412,000. German, Stettin.
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The ratings reflect Fitch's unchanged view that Szczecin will maintain its strong operating performance, supported by strong financial and strategic management.
Contract award notice: Delivery of server and office software licenses for the city of szczecin commune
Four members of the 950th Transportation Company and one officer from their higher headquarters, 838th Transportation Battalion, deployed to Szczecin to supervise discharge operations.
Bremerhaven, Germany, prepared the port of Szczecin for receiving, marshalling, documenting and loading of the inbound Polish equipment.
Contract award notice: Maintenance of cleanliness in selected areas of the city of szczecin commune.
The mission tests the fast movement capability of military personnel and materiel from Bremerhaven, Germany to Szczecin, Poland," said Steigerwald.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: Keeping clean in selected areas of the city of szczecin - part i