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A city of central Hungary southwest of Budapest. It was the coronation and burial place of Hungary's kings from 1038 to 1527.


(ˈseɪ kɛʃ feɪ hɛərˌvɑr, -fɛərˌvɑr)

a city in W central Hungary. 113,000.
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The Szekesfehervar campus forecasts revenues to rise to EUR 100 million ($118 million) by 2019, from EUR 70 million currently.
He never had anything to do with that town, but the mayor of Szekesfehervar is a Fidesz member and the city hall approved the plan, said to have been initiated by a private foundation linked to Jobbik and the erection of the statue was partly funded by the state.
Anthony de Jasay was born at Aba, Hungary in 1925 and was educated at Szekesfehervar and Budapest, taking a degree in Agriculture.
Greene will compete in the 400m hurdles at the Hungarian Athletics Grand Prix which is also known as the Gyulai Memorial meeting in Szekesfehervar.
This expansion of the company's Szekesfehervar, Hungary facility is expected to enable Alcoa to produce twice as many Dura-Bright EVO surface-treated wheels in Europe by early 2015, as compared with current production levels.
Young Zsigmond Szechenyi grew up in Sarpentele, in Fejer County, and his early education was at Szekesfehervar and Budapest before he went on to study agriculture at the University of Munich, the University of Stuttgart and finally Cambridge University in Britain.
Deloitte's Global location Survey examined Hungary's untapped offshoring locations and selected 5 provincial cities (Debrecen, Kecskemet, Pecs, Szekesfehervar, and Szeged) which should be considered as so-called "under the radar" locations offering an attractive cost/quality ratio that can stand comparison with Budapest.
Paulo Sousa, selectionne 52 fois pour le Portugal, a pris en juin les renes de Videoton, le club le plus riche du pays, base a Szekesfehervar a 60 kilometres au sud-ouest de Budapest.
XX: el de Vac (1921), Veszprem (1923) y Szekesfehervar (1924).
Vidi duly fell at the first hurdle in the Champions League last term, losing away to Sturm Graz before beating them back in Szekesfehervar, and while they took five more points in the league in Sousa's first season than when they won the title the previous year, Debrecen won the championship with plenty in hand.
The railway lines and stations in the research The field Railway line The number of Railway station of the train timetable 1 Budapest Rj 65, 4913, Kelenfold, Gyor, -Hegyeshalom 4924, 4927 Komarom 10 Gyor-Celldomolk 9202 Papa 11 Gynr-Ves7prem 39510, 39511, Zirc, Vinye, 39513, 39515, Veszpremva rsa ny 39516, 39518, Porva-Csesznek 39525 Bakonyszentlaszlo 20 Szekesfehervar 958, 959, 9006, Veszprem, Varpalota, -Szombathely 9024, 9053 Szekesfehervar, Celldomolk Source: webpage of www.
The defender was booked and lasted 71 minutes before being taken off in the latter stages in Szekesfehervar.