Tee iron

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Tee´ i`ron

1.See T iron, under T.
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Providing and fixing in position collapsible steel shutters with vertical channels 20x10x2mm and braced with flat iron diagonals 20x5mm size with top and bottom rail of T-iron 40x40x6nim with 40mm dia steel pulleys, complete with bolts, nuts, locking arrangement, stoppers, handles including applying priming coat of steel primer.
The melted metal was then put into moulds to prepare T-iron rods which are used in roof construction.
Rescue 1122 spokesman Abdul Jabbar told that a house at Faisal street of interior Lohari gate had three-storey,and its roofs were built with wooden ladders and T-iron.
Materials: --dead tree, 6" to 7" diameter --course-toothed hand saw or chain saw --electric drill --wood bit --mallet --chisel --8 6d coated nails --4" T-iron --3 3/4" screws