Tee iron

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Tee´ i`ron

1.See T iron, under T.
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According to Rescue 1122 officials, Rana Javed, son of Rana Yameen, was constructing a room on the second floor of his house near the Government Girls Middle School, Bhutta Pur, when a T-iron bar he was holding accidentally touched the main electricity wire.
The Modaraba plans to acquire re-rolling mill on Ijarah (operating lease) for a minimum period of ten years for manufacturing and sale of T-Iron. The proceeds from the IPO will be utilized primarily for meeting raw material and other operational requirements.
The melted metal was then put into moulds to prepare T-iron rods which are used in roof construction.
Rescue 1122 spokesman Abdul Jabbar told that a house at Faisal street of interior Lohari gate had three-storey,and its roofs were built with wooden ladders and T-iron.
Materials: --dead tree, 6" to 7" diameter --course-toothed hand saw or chain saw --electric drill --wood bit --mallet --chisel --8 6d coated nails --4" T-iron --3 3/4" screws