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Noun1.TCE - a heavy colorless highly toxic liquid used as a solvent to clean electronic components and for dry cleaning and as a fumigant; causes cancer and liver and lung damage
ethene, ethylene - a flammable colorless gaseous alkene; obtained from petroleum and natural gas and used in manufacturing many other chemicals; sometimes used as an anesthetic
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Specific focus was on PBPK modeling to generate information and kinetic parameters that may be used for verifying the models used in TCE risk assessment (Evans et al.
TCE organisers Reed Exhibitions Middle East said the trade event will benefit from participation by over 1,000 trade visitors from all the major airports and travel catering businesses in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region.
Thermally activated persulfate oxidation of chlorinated organic solvents such as TCE has been quite successful in remediating groundwater contaminant.
One of the predominant human health effects associated with TCE exposure is immunotoxicity, most notably the development of autoimmunity and other types of hypersensitivity diseases.
The dispersion coefficient and rate constants for the decomposition of TCE were determined through calibration of the model by comparing the models results against experimental data.
Although the RBV and TCE are focusing on two different issues (1) the search for competitive advantage and (2) the most efficient governance structure, organizations have to deal with these two important issues when making decision on where to source manufacturing processes.
And while Silicon Valley has many great traditions, dumping chemicals 6 particularly toxic ones like TCE, ( ethylbenzene and ( vinyl chloride 6 was unfortunately a very popular one three decades ago.
In this study, we aimed to report our experience with TCE in 18 consecutive patients with massive renal bleeding after renal procedures.
Renault TCe 115 Stop & Start - the resurgence in petrol engines continues: the TCe 115 is the first Renault petrol engine to feature direct fuel injection and turbocharging for fuel-efficient performance.
En Colombia existen publicaciones que indican la epidemiologia del TCE (7-10); sin embargo, hace falta profundizar en estudios de seguimiento para conocer el estado neurologico funcional posterior al evento traumatico.
The study team assessed the twins' lifetime exposures to six specific solvents based on being previously linked to Parkinson's disease or parkinsonism in case reports or analytic studies: n-hexane, xylene, toluene, carbon tetrachloride (C[C1.sub.4]), TCE, and PERC.