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Noun1.transmission control protocol - a protocol developed for the internet to get data from one network device to anothertransmission control protocol - a protocol developed for the internet to get data from one network device to another; "TCP uses a retransmission strategy to insure that data will not be lost in transmission"
communications protocol, protocol - (computer science) rules determining the format and transmission of data
TCP/IP, transmission control protocol/internet protocol - a set of protocols (including TCP) developed for the internet in the 1970s to get data from one network device to another
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New Taipei, Taiwan, April 11, 2019 --( WoMaster upgraded its line of 10-port L2 managed Ethernet and PoE switches (DS310 and DP310) with support of Modbus TCP protocol to provide users with much wider choice of devices and systems that can be utilized to meet specific applications.
The TCP protocol responds to this wireless loss in the identical way as it reacts to PL because of congestion.
Our approach exploits the inherent properties of the TCP protocol by analysis of the packet header.
* The Ethernet port supports the Modbus TCP protocol, and the serial port supports the Modbus RTU protocol.
Ultra-fast and precise processing time of around 100 nanoseconds for this module including TCP and UDP with thousands of sessions initially at 10G, sets the bar much higher for speed and performance powered by a 7.0+ year mature and proven TCP protocol compliant architecture.
TCP protocol and IP protocol refer to two network protocols used in Internet (or data transmission method).
Also, each module has one Ethernet port (independent of the CompactLogix Ethernet port) that executes Modbus TCP protocol.
Many researchers optimized the standard TCP protocol by modify the congestion control technique to prevent the network by congestion collapses.
Communication with the devices is handled via the Modbus TCP protocol.
This protocol is based on the UDP protocol instead of the more popular TCP protocol. The protocol is known as Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) [10].
In traditional TCP protocol, if packet loss event occurs, TCP will not hesitate to think that this is network congestion.