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Noun1.TDT - (astronomy) a measure of time defined by Earth's orbital motionTDT - (astronomy) a measure of time defined by Earth's orbital motion; terrestrial time is mean solar time corrected for the irregularities of the Earth's motions
astronomy, uranology - the branch of physics that studies celestial bodies and the universe as a whole
time unit, unit of time - a unit for measuring time periods
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The approval for the product is for the treatment of TDT in patients 12 years and older who do not have a beta0/beta0 genotype and for those who are suitable for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation but a human leukocyte antigen-matched related hematopoietic stem cell donor is not available.
Aberdeen City Council chiefs, TDT and Grampian Housing Association were set to meet yesterday to decide on the next step.
In February 2019, CRISPR Therapeutics and Vertex announced that the first patient had been treated with CTX001 in a Phase 1/2 clinical study of patients with TDT, marking the first company-sponsored use of a CRISPR/Cas9 therapy in a clinical trial.
While the hotel taxes, the CDT and the TDT are considered by Fitch to be special revenues under section 902(2) of the bankruptcy code, the state sales tax rebate, franchise fees, and the CST do not clearly fall into one of the definitions of special revenues under Chapter 9 of the bankruptcy code.
TDT It would a crime if this were to happen - time this council stepped up to the plate to protect and preserve our city.
Thinking Different Technologies TDT BV is engaged in research, prototyping and patenting in the domains of radio engineering, electronics, chaos non-linear telecommunication, Instant X-Dimensional Biometrical Human Mapping based on chaos, new independent sources of energy fabrication, energy savings in metallurgy and chemical industries, gravity and anti-inertia phenomena, economy of fuel in automotive and aviation industries, change of the physical properties of the material, cold fusion, synthesis of new materials for new applications, Direct Optical Non-Linear Amplification, Artificial Intelligence in stock exchange trading applications, traditional stock exchange trading software with ultra low latency and wide supporting software engineering developments for all those domains.
The collected data from TDT patients and control subjects was statistically analyzed by using p<0.05 as statistically significant variation between two groups.
(4) The cellular damage caused by iron overload in patients with TDT leads to complications such as endocrinopathies, cardiac failure, and hepatic iron overload with subsequent cirrhosis.
The company expects to significantly accelerate the development of ABWN's command, control, communication and coordination software modules of its Infinitus Super Highway, under the agreement with TDT.
Tdt and CD34 are considered as surrogate immaturity markers while surface light chain restriction generally indicates a mature phenotype.