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Plutarch, Thes. 32: Hereas relates that Alycus was killed by Theseus himself near Aphidna, and quotes the following verses in evidence: `In spacious Aphidna Theseus slew him in battle long ago for rich- haired Helen's sake.' (4)
Fragment #1 -- Proclus, Chrestomathia, i: This (1) is continued by the epic called "Cypria" which is current is eleven books.
Zeus plans with Themis to bring about the Trojan war.
Bloemfontein had fallen since our arrival, but there was plenty of fight in the Free Staters still, and I will not deny that it was thes gentry who were showing us the sport for which our corps came in.
But it was not well with me; that was all I thought as my lips made the word.
"It's not only been the best time I ever had, old Bunny, but I'm not half sure--"
He found no better work to do than that of holding horses outside the theater doors.
But it was from none of these that Shakespeare took the story, but from the chronicle of a man named Holinshed who lived and wrote in the time of Queen Elizabeth, he in his turn having taken it from some one of the earlier sources.
For, after all, in spite of the thousands of books that have been written since the world began, there are only a certain number of stories which great writers have told again and again in varying ways.
Santa Cruz -- Expedition up the River -- Indians -- Immense Streams of Basaltic Lava -- Fragments not transported by the River -- Excavations of the Valley -- Condor, Habits of -- Cordillera -- Erratic Boulders of great size -- Indian Relics -- Return to the Ship -- Falkland Islands -- Wild Horses, Cattle, Rabbits -- Wolf-like Fox -- Fire made of Bones -- Manner of Hunting Wild Cattle -- Geology -- Streams of Stones -- Scenes of Violence -- Penguins -- Geese -- Eggs of Doris -- Compound Animals.
-- The Beagle anchored within the mouth of the Santa Cruz.
The river here assumed a size and appearance which, even at the highest point we ultimately reached, was scarcely diminished.