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a.1.Tender; soft; nice; - now only used in tidbit.
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Police said the former LTTE member, who was rehabilitated and reintegrated into society, is been questioned by the TID.
As do many sign languages, TID benefits from the signing space, classifier constructions, lexical signs, and constructed actions in the expression of spatial relations of objects (Arik 2013a, 2013b).
During appeal, TID argued that its constitutional documents prohibit it from entering into non-Shari'ah compliant agreements and that the Contract was non-Shari'ah compliant, and therefore nullifying the Contract.
On November 12, TID had also issued a statement denying reports of its stake sale in the famed British carmaker known for cameos in James Bond movies saying it has a longterm plan and commitment with Aston Martin.
The DFSA announced its decision to delist TID Global Sukuk 1 Limited from its official list securities pursuant to Article 19 (1) of the Markets Law 2004.
He has sought Chapter 11 protection under the emirate's Financial Stability Law (FSL), which provides the necessary legal framework under which TID can implement a court-approved restructuring plan in which full repayment of all of its banks and investors is incorporated.
However, while TID appeared to win its argument in court, Suq al Mal also noted that following a meeting of the company's Shari'ah Board on 22 May 2010, TID issued a press release which stated that its Shari'ah Board explicitly ruled that the contract between TID and BLOM Bank was Shari'ah-compliant and that the company should not make assertions in court about whether a contract complies with Shari'ah or not before it has obtained the judgment of its Shari'ah Board.
The letter follows the Central Bank of Kuwait's ("CBK" or "Central Bank") report on TID's application under the Financial Stability Law "FSL", in which it reviewed and commented on a plan submitted by the Company on the 5 October 2010 and not the Supplemental Termsheet to the Original plan submitted to the CBK, via their advisers Ernst and Young, on 22 October 2010 and presented by the Company to its banks and investors on 1 and 2 November in Kuwait and Dubai respectively and put for voting by the CCThe CC considered that subsequent to this, any further negotiations over the restructuring should focus exclusively on a 'Debt for Equity' proposal, as per a draft proposal presented to TID by the CC on 20 September 2010.
All INJ and TID treatments were given for the first 5 days of the 7-day posttreatment period.
The NEBS-compliant T5 Compact TID is the only carrier-class device available on the market providing this solution.
TID needed a cost-effective solution that was mobile but secure, robust enough for field use and required minimal training.
Para los usuarios que busquen prestaciones realmente elevadas, siempre les queda la opcion de inclinarse por la version con motor tres litros turbodiesel TID de 175 caballos de potencia del "9-5', aunque bastante mas cara, un autentico 'tiro'.