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Noted Pavlov historian Todes (2002) suggested that from the years 1891 to 1904 about 100 praktikanty (temporary assistants), had been employed in his lab including about 10 assistants (pomoshchniky) and attendants (sluzhashchie).
For the first time in Cyprus, the ballet dance group Todes from Russia will present the best traditions of classical ballet intertwined with modern trends, such as ice skating, and contemporary dance culture -- break dance being just one thread in this tapestry of dance movements -- on Saturday.
In many respects, Daniel Todes's new book serves as a shining example of an academic biography.
Foakes, who, in describing seventeenth-century theatrical activities at the Nuremberg fencing-house, identifies the problem of a surviving advertisement for Die Liebes Sussigkeit verandert sich in Todes Bitterkeit (Love's Sweetness Turned To Death's Bitterness) (350n48).
reggaetronics," "electro swing," "Russian speed-folk," "handicapped rock," "italofrench futurefunk," "diamond glam pop," and "apocalyptic folk." There are even apparently unclassifiable performers such as "Thomas Tulip mit poppiger Wurstmusike" (Thomas Tulip with trendy sausage music) and the "Blockflote des Todes" (Recorder of death).
Alison Todes of the University of Witwatersrand's School of Architecture argues that the time has come for an efficient transport system that will also help reduce the city's carbon footprint.
hinabgestiegen in das Reich des Todes, am dritten Tage auferstanden von den Toten ...
In Bekenntnis erfahren wir eindeutig durch das Gesprach zwischen Franz und seinem Universitatsfreund Hans, dem Erzahler, dem Zuhorer seines Bekenntnisses, dass in dieser Zeit diese Krankheit bei den Frauen fur unheilbar gehalten wurde und dass deshalb zum Zeitpunkt des Todes von Else keine Chancen auf Heilung bekannt waren.
However, it is proved to be inappropriate in the context of rapid urbanisation and change in developing countries (Todes et al.