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1. topographical.
2. topography.
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By the end of 1824, all ten topogs had been assigned to internal improvement projects.
The topogs actually transferred to the Corps of Engineers all their plans and drawings of fortifications.
Throughout the 1830s, the topogs carried out internal improvements to the country, both governmental and private.
Beginning in 1834, the topogs were employed with the construction of lighthouses.
He based his arguments on the solid premise that the work of the topogs was vital to the country's military security and of great benefit to its economic progress.
In a further move, Secretary Poinsett ordered--on 1 August 1838--the assignment to the topogs of "all new works of improvement, not of a military character, [and] not connected with the fortifications.
During the late 1830s and 1840s, a number of topogs conducted widespread explorations of the West.