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Variant of torque2.


(Archaeology) another spelling of torque1



n., v. torqued, torqu•ing. n.
1. something that produces or tends to produce torsion or rotation.
2. the measured ability of a rotating element, as of a gear or shaft, to overcome turning resistance.
3. the rotational effect on plane-polarized light passing through certain liquids or crystals.
v.i., v.t.
4. to rotate or cause to rotate or twist.
[1880–85; < Latin torquēre to twist]


a collar, necklace, or similar ornament consisting of a twisted narrow band, usu. of precious metal, worn esp. by the ancient Gauls and Britons.
[1825–35; < French < Latin torques]
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There is no traffic light in TORCS, so the lane line restrictions are mainly considered.
TORCS is a free, open source car racing simulation implemented in C++, available for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.
While the torcs could be some of the oldest gold in Britain, the oldest piece of gold was thought to have come from Bulgaria.
Next month, the four torcs are set to take pride of place alongside more than 350 examples of Celtic treasures uncovered by finders from unsuspecting farmers and dog walkers to archeologists.
Museum assistant curator Natalie McCaul with the two torcs
Safari park keeper Mr Crisp made the find less than a year after his hobby led him to four 2,000-year-old gold neckbands or "torcs".
A bronze sword and three gold wrist bracelets, known as torcs, were also found at the spot, not far from the famous "'Salcombe Cannon"' wreck, which was discovered in the 1990s.
Mr Booth, 35, took the torcs - twisted bracelets - home to show partner Carolyn Morrison, 28.
This led to the identification not only of stylistic modifications on certain type fossils, but also to the recognition that some types of ornament (for example torcs, anklets or bracelets, Figure 3) were replaced sequentially over time; similarly, certain combinations of objects of personal adornment proved to be chronologically sensitive.
For the class, which he's taught the past two years, Coller uses Torcs, an online open-source racecar video game, which he has modified substantially.
A REMOTE beach - which yielded a "priceless hoard" of golden torcs last year - could hide more ancient treasures.
Another group of metal detector users found two Bronze Age gold torcs, or necklaces, and three gold bracelets near Milton Keynes worth pounds 290,000.