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abbr of TuesdayDi.
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According to Tuai Rumah Bada, these forest resources are still abundantly available due to the proximity of the village to the Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary and the villagers' own initiative of a communal common property resource management system or pulau galau, which is a forest area to be conserved as reservoirs for wild animals, trees, and plants for exclusive use by the longhouse community (Horowitz, 1988).
An Iban longhouse often carries the name of the headman, so that 'Rumah Nor' indicates a longhouse headed by Tuai Rumah (headman) Nor.
'In fact, the judicial review in Tuai rumah Sandah anak Tabau's appeal case before the Federal Court is coming soon.
Using highly stylized language in jaku tuai (archaic verse) filled with jaku dalam (to speak with metaphoric references) and jaku kelaung (riddles), she would ask what great news the men brought, having just heard the jubilant beating of gongs and shouts of victory.
Tuai te papa e takoto nei.--Join sky above to earth below, just as people join together."
'In that post, it was alleged that I have, in my capacity as Batang Sadong MP, issued a directive to one Tuai Rumah (headman) of Kampung Sungai Buluh, Sili Bunsi, to force cancel the Gawai ceremony to welcome Gobind,' she said.
The warriors who accompanied the leader of the migration (tuai mindah) were called manok sabong (literally, 'fighting cocks').
For registration and additional information, please call Confine Tuai at (516) 803-1731.
He said the committee, comprising one Temenggong, one Pemanca, seven Penghulu and a number of Tuai Rumah, would identify those in need of help and to know their problems.
Tuai Sapin was the last surviving pagan in Stunggang.
There is no doubt, certainly, that a death dirge (tuai) is meant to be sung, with no accompaniment, during the wake period.
That is why the Iban had specialists (the tuai bulu isa) in a great number of areas who in sum, were the keepers of an immense memory bank of cultural matters Iban.