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An evangelist who conducts religious telecasts.

[Blend of television and evangelist.]

tel′e·van′gel·ism n.
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(Protestantism) US evangelism as preached on television by televangelists
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Noun1.televangelism - evangelism at a distance by the use of television
evangelism - zealous preaching and advocacy of the gospel
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My encouragement is to investigate what a church or TV evangelist is confessing, preaching and teaching.
But in May 1961, after the football season had ended, the Blues' Maine Road ground became home to American TV evangelist Billy Graham, who preached to crowds of up to 35,000 a time in the city.
OVER in flood-devastated Houston a millionaire TV evangelist refused to open his megachurch to shelter those made homeless by Hurricane Harvey.
Some Evangelicals claimed Stanley was picking the wrong side on the so-called war on Christmas.(  Stanley is the son of famed TV evangelist Charles Stanley.
He said: "We were watching this TV evangelist. I thought, 'It's rockstar time.
Happily, the American TV evangelist's "illness" turned out to be little more than a sore throat and, indeed, Mr Graham is still alive and preaching in 2015.
The preacher TV evangelist Joyce Meyer told workers they'd be fired if they divorced
September 25, 2014 (KAMPALA) -- The death toll has sharply risen from 40 to 115, in the collapse of the church hostel belonging to the Nigerian TV evangelist preacher, TB Joshua, with 84 of the dead identified as South African nationals.
TV evangelist Andrew Wommack, for instance, talks about a couple whose two sons were miraculously cured of autism and says on his website, "While many suffer from these diseases and believe them to be lifelong, the McDermott's testimony will challenge those beliefs.
The well known American TV evangelist said he strongly disagreed with the purported health benefits of a high-fat, high-protein diet, the Independent reported.
"De Niro's character is kind of an amalgam of faith healers, the kind of showbiz David Copper-field, Criss Angel thing and TV evangelist.
Sunday's game against Liverpool brought out the TV evangelist side of my personality.