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Noun1.TV station - station for the production and transmission of television broadcastsTV station - station for the production and transmission of television broadcasts
broadcast station, broadcasting station - a station equipped to broadcast radio or television programs
broadcasting studio - a studio where broadcasts originate
television channel, TV channel, channel - a television station and its programs; "a satellite TV channel"; "surfing through the channels"; "they offer more than one hundred channels"
communication equipment, communication system - facility consisting of the physical plants and equipment for disseminating information
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Summary: He had to leave the TV station barely 20 minutes after claiming to stay back in the premise to update the audiences.
During his inauguration, Helmy promised to bring back the TV station into popularity again.
Police officer Jan Agha says three people including a suicide bomber attacked the TV station. (AP) KABUL: A group of gunmen stormed a private TV station in a commando-style assault in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, resulting in the deaths of several people, in the latest spell of escalation of attacks in the country.
If you're a weather fanatic, find out if a TV station near you has a weather kids program.
Last week, Berri and Al-Jadeed TV channel became embroiled in a legal battle of complaint and counter-complaint following fierce accusations over the torching of an Al-Jadeed TV station van.
The gunmen stormed the offices of "Al-Nabaa" TV station and gathered the employees in one room.
The pro-government TV station A Haber censored the acceptance speech made by film and theater actor Nadir Sarybacak during the 52nd Antalya Altyn Portakal (Golden Orange) International Film Festival on Dec.
"Mobile TV station was purchased by the FIFA Income Generation Project.
The TV7 and BBT TV channels filed for bankruptcy with the Sofia City Court, in accordance with the Commercial Act, reports aWith this move the company hopes to protect itself from invalid claims of creditors,a said the management of the two connected companies in a statement to the media.A Last week No Frame Media, the company connected to the journalist-turned-politician Nikolai Barekov, requested from court to announce the national TV station in insolvency.
The accident, involving a local TV station aircraft, sent clouds of black smoke over the city during the morning rush hour.
The Chicago Tribune reported that if adopted, the FCC rules could prompt divestitures from large TV station owners such as Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc..