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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For this piece of service the captain demanded of us six thousand weight of tabacco, which he said he was accountable for to his freighter, and which we immediately bought for him, and made him a present of twenty guineas besides, with which he was abundantly satisfied.
2233 Increasing the Excise Tax on Tabacco Products,' Medialdea said.
European Food Express in the High Street will remain closed for three months after owners were caught selling illegal tabacco.
Senator Dilwar Khan raised objection that the government imposed tax on local Tabacco industry whereas imposed only 11 per cent duty on foreign companies.
55.01 and that of Pakistan Tabacco decreased by Rs.33.99.
Edited by Joanna Rowe Kaakinen, Deborah Padgett Coehlo, Rose Steele, Aaron Tabacco, and Shirley May Harmon Hanson
Armando Peruga, Programme Manager of the WHO's Tabacco Free Initiative (TFI), highlighted a number of health risks of electronic cigarettes.
Giovanni TABACCO, Le metamorfosi della potenza sacerdotale nell'alto medioevo
The law will also ban the advertising of tobacco products as well as sponsorship of events by tabacco firms.
"The goal is to define a set of actions with the consensus of the different political parties and the participation of business owners and workers," said Beatriz Tabacco, the engineer who is president of the Instituto Nacional de Logistica (Inalog).