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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of blood sucking flies, including the horseflies.
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We removed Tabanus catenatus Walker, 1848 from that list due to the possible misidentification of the Georgia specimens.
Larvas pertenecientes a especies del genero Tabanus son citadas como depredadores de insectos acuaticos, micro crustaceos y moluscos (Ferreira y Rafael 2006).
D 3 36 0 Macrelmis 27 37 Heterelmis 0 9 Austrolimnius 0 3 Cylloepus 3 0 Hexacylloepus 0 3 Microcylloepus 0 0 Neocylloepus 0 3 Neoelmis 0 2 Phanocerus 0 0 Stenelmis 2 0 Ordobrevia 2 5 Chrysomellidae Donacia 0 2 Ptilodactylidae Anchytarsus 12 9 Diptera Alluaudomyia 1 6 Ceratopogonidae Stilobezzia 2 0 Simuliidae Simulium 5 1 Chrysops 2 3 Tabanidae Tabanus 2 1 Empididae Hemerodromia 6 0 Chelifera 5 0 Psichodidae Maruina 0 1 Chironomidae N.
Los generos mejor representados fueron Tabanus (cuatro especies y 701 individuos) y Leucotabanus (dos especies y 51 individuos).
New and little-known South African species of Cydistomyia and Tabanus (Diptera: Tabanidae).
Trypanosomosis is transmitted mechanically by interrupted biting of Tabanus fly.
Horse flies (Family Tabanidae) of the genera Hybomitra, Silvius, and Tabanus (Hibler et al.
Cnidium officinale Makino and Tabanus fulvus Meigan inhibited high glucose (HG)-induced proliferation of glomerular MC (Jeong et al.
The genus Tabanus was found in all sample points (table 1), followed by Lepiselaga, which was found in three sample points.
Transmission of equine infectious anemia by the satablefly, Stomoxys calcitrans, the horse fly, tabanus sulcifrons, and by injection of minute amounts of virus.
A2, A5, A7, A8, A15, B5, C1, C3, C4, C5, C10, D7, D12 Tabanus spp.