Table base

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(Arch.) Same as Water table.

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It can function as a workbench, tool stand, table base, or as a pair of good old-fashioned sawhorses.
The Surface computer is based around a Windows Vista PC, features a 30" touchscreen, black table base and five cameras which are mounted under the screen and can sense objects that are close by.
Two independent drive systems in the operating table base provide fail safe operation for patient safety, one system is operated from the hand control Mille the other is operated from the override panel.
The 40-foot-long showroom on wheels contains numerous product displays including lighting, connectors, table base systems, decorative hardware, wood ornaments, closet accessories and sliding door systems.
If the tabletop isn't suitable for sticking down tiles, then you can make one from 1in plywood or MDF and fix it to the table base.
The tapered parts incorporate complex ribs to add strength and also include a threaded metal insert for attaching the legs to the table base.
Also featured in the catalog are 30 timesaving table base kits for dining, end stand and coffee tables that assemble in an hour or less.
Specializes in design of drapery hardware, table bases, decorative benches, headboards & ornamental home accessories.
Larger branches can be used as table bases if cut to the correct height.
Iron furniture and accessories, such as table bases, bread racks, umbrella stands, table lamps, floor lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers and wall sconces, iron towel bars, robe hooks and mirror frames for the bath all have a quality feel.