Table bed

a bed in the form of a table.

See also: Table

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Components are located on the polyurethane coated table bed with pegs which secure them in place whilst the table rotates and shot peening is undertaken.
"We offer stock panoramic images as well as the reproduction of the customers' artwork for the billiard table bed and rails.
Inova USA won for its Table Bed, while the Philippe Starck-designed Hudson chair, distributed by ICF Group, earned a nod in the Seating category.
You'll also learn how to use a double-dug bed (the best way to cultivate root crops such as carrots and turnips), a table bed (wheelchair-accessible, and a great convenience for anyone who's uncomfortable kneeling or bending over for long periods), and a "hot bed" (raised so soil can store warmth better than ground-level plots, a boon to heat lovers like tomatoes and eggplant).