Table beer

beer for table, or for common use; small beer.

See also: Table

References in classic literature ?
I heard that the table beer was a robbery of parents, and the pudding an imposition.
The pub's owner Jon Saxon said: "Since opening in 2018 customers have had the rare opportunity to experience a wide range of rare beer styles that would have once dominated the Victorian pub landscape - beers such as XX Mild, Table Beer and K light bitters.
Last year saw Roger's Hairdressing, The Pear Tree, Nest Photography, The Whole Autism Family, Little Deer Wood DofE, Mirfield Netball Club, Mirfield Round Table Beer Festival, Haighs Farm Shop, Mirfield Co-op and Ruth Edwards walk away with the awards.
At just 2.8% the Kernel Table Beer is a sure fire option for an ale with way more flavour than its ABV suggests.
Light beer provides a fun entry to experiment with pairings and proves an excellent choice for a table beer. Thanks to their milder hop profiles and slightly sweet malt, it's hard to go wrong matching light beers.
We enjoyed a bright, refreshing pilsner, a crisp, dry IPA and a rather lovely, citrussy 'table beer'.
Two of the three beers in the package--Soft Spoken Belgian Table Beer, and Demure Smoked Saison--receive our top recommendation (We weren't nuts about the third beer, a Belgian-style IPA).
Ideally (and awkwardly), they wanted something in between small beer and table beer. Not too many hops, and not too much alcohol, but not too much cash either.
Wavell looked behind his own imperial grandeur to see a man who was 'quite small light table beer'.
The considerably milder 'small' or table beer (cwrw bach) was the everyday drink of the people, brewed on a domestic scale in many households and every inn.
Advertised prices ranged from Extra Strong Ale at 63 shillings (pounds 3-15) a barrel down to Family Beer and Table Beer at 8d (3p) and 5d (2p) a gallon.