Table beer

beer for table, or for common use; small beer.

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References in classic literature ?
I heard that the table beer was a robbery of parents, and the pudding an imposition.
Contract notice: The supply of water, soda, juice, table beer, beer and milk.
London brewers The Kernel do one called table beer which is about 3%, Wild Beer have Bibble (a Somerset expression to drink regularly) which is just over 4% and Beavertown Neck Oil is a similar strength.
Celebrating the opening of the Mirfield Round Table Beer Festival at |Mirfield Cricket Club are, from left, member Paul Blakeley, chairman Karl Ashford and members Rob Grooby and Ruben Baker 100715DALES
Two of the three beers in the package--Soft Spoken Belgian Table Beer, and Demure Smoked Saison--receive our top recommendation (We weren't nuts about the third beer, a Belgian-style IPA).
The considerably milder 'small' or table beer (cwrw bach) was the everyday drink of the people, brewed on a domestic scale in many households and every inn.
Advertised prices ranged from Extra Strong Ale at 63 shillings (pounds 3-15) a barrel down to Family Beer and Table Beer at 8d (3p) and 5d (2p) a gallon.
As for the beer, I got a litre of the Kernel table beer, a kind of not-too-strong session ale, that was just over a fiver for the litre.