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 (tăk′nə, täk′nä)
A town of southern Peru north of Arica, Chile. The object of a long-standing dispute between Peru and Chile, it became part of Peru in 1929.


(ˈtæk nə, ˈtɑk-)
a city in S Peru. 174,336.
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At other times rain has followed earthquakes at a period of the year when it is a far greater prodigy than the earthquake itself: this happened after the shock of November, 1822, and again in 1829, at Valparaiso; also after that of September, 1833, at Tacna. A person must be somewhat habituated to the climate of these countries to perceive the extreme improbability of rain falling at such seasons, except as a consequence of some law quite unconnected with the ordinary course of the weather.
El objetivo del presente trabajo es actualizar el estado del conocimiento de las especies que crecen en el Peru, brindando informacion sobre la distribucion departamental y altitudinal, proporcionando, ademas, una clave para distinguir las especies de Malesherbia que ocurren en el pais y citar un nuevo registro para Peru, Malesherbia auristipulata, proveniente del departamento de Tacna y que inicialmente fuera descrita para Chile.
A representative of Southern Copper Corp said there were no reports of damage at its Cuajone and Toquepala mines in the regions of Moguegua and Tacna.
GE Power will provide a harmonic filter for Southern Copper Corp.'s Toquepala concentrator, located in Tacna, Peru.
This article intends to join this conversation by analyzing the cross-border system of two South American cities, Arica in Chile and Tacna in Peru, which are approximately 60 kilometers apart and constitute one of the most intense urban binomials in the hemisphere.
The Prosecutor's Office is investigating nine regional governors, including Juan Luque of Puno, accused of authorizing state purchases for his wife; Omar Jimenez of Tacna, for the illegal naming of officials; and Ricardo Flores of Tumbes for overvaluing expenses in regional purchases.
A father and son set off on a journey from Santiago, Chile, to Tacna, Peru, to visit a cheap dentist who can help fix the boy's teeth.
Quizas una de las paginas mas apasionantes como objeto de estudio historico lo constituye el periodo que va entre 1880-1929, cuando como consecuencia de la Guerra del Pacifico (18791884) Chile ocupo por casi 50 anos los territorios de Tacna y Arica.