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Noun1.Thaddaeus - (New Testament) supposed brother of St. JamesThaddaeus - (New Testament) supposed brother of St. James; one of the Apostles who is invoked in prayer when a situation seems hopeless
New Testament - the collection of books of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline and other epistles, and Revelation; composed soon after Christ's death; the second half of the Christian Bible
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I have seen Andrea Orcagna, Taddeo Gaddi, Giottino, Stefano, Simone Memmi--men whose very colors I am not worthy to mix.
Other speakers for the evening included NYS Supreme Court Justice Ann Marie Taddeo, who shared a letter from Seventh Judicial District Administrative Judge Craig Doran.
Taddeo of Florham Park, New Jersey has been recognized as a VIP Member for 2017 by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide for her outstanding contributions and achievements for 15 years in the field of holistic healthcare.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 7, 2017-Northwest Federal's Taddeo gets NAFCU's Professional of the Year Award
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 7, 2017-Northwest Federal's Taddeo gets NAFCU's Professional of the Year Award
The third level is created by the performance of the commedia presented within the second act of the opera by the troupe in front of a fictional village audience, in other words the story of Pagliaccio, Arlechino, Colombina, and Taddeo, which ends abruptly with the murder of Nedda playing Colombina (Girardi 3).
The six series of pictures under review are Giotto's Franciscan cycle in the Bardi Chapel of Santa Croce; the Baroncelli Chapel in the same church, painted by Taddeo Gaddi; the Brancacci Chapel in the Carmine; the extensive imagery by the workshop of Fra Angelico in the conventual buildings of San Marco; Ghirlandaio's paintings of the Life of St Francis in the Sassetti Chapel of Santa Trinita; and the same artist's frescoes of the Lives of Mary and St John the Baptist in the Tornabuoni Chapel of Santa Maria Novella.
Leo Taddeo, chief security officer of the Cyptzone security company, told CNN a "public shaming" of Iran by the US could prove beneficial to American companies seeking to protect their infrastructure.
I think this is only the beginning," former FBI special agent Leo Taddeo told IBT.
Bokody focuses his research particularly on Giotto and contemporaries such as the Lorenzettis and Taddeo Gaddi, while the frescoes at Assisi provide many of the examples.
Oakmont 15, Gardner 2: Jake Logan was 4 for 5 with a double and three runs, Tyler Hildreth was 3 for 5 with a double, two RBIs and two runs, and Pat Porpora was 3 for 4 with four RBIs to lead the Spartans past the Wildcats in the Taddeo Tournament title game at Stone Field in Gardner.
Indeed, Leo Taddeo, special agent in charge of the Special Operations/Cyber Division of the FBI, agreed that "the numbers show that we're losing ground" to cyberattacks.