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Noun1.Tadjik - a landlocked mountainous republic in southeast central Asia to the north of AfghanistanTadjik - a landlocked mountainous republic in southeast central Asia to the north of Afghanistan; formerly an Asian soviet
CIS, Commonwealth of Independent States - an alliance made up of states that had been Soviet Socialist Republics in the Soviet Union prior to its dissolution in Dec 1991
capital of Tajikistan, Dusanbe, Dushanbe, Dyushambe, Stalinabad - the capital of Tajikistan; formerly Stalinabad 1926-1991
Asia - the largest continent with 60% of the earth's population; it is joined to Europe on the west to form Eurasia; it is the site of some of the world's earliest civilizations
Communism Peak, Mount Communism, Mount Garmo, Stalin Peak - the highest mountain peak in the Pamir Mountains; near the Chinese border in northeastern Tajikistan (24,590 feet high)
Pamir Mountains, the Pamirs - a mountain range in central Asia that is centered in Tajikistan but extends into Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan and Pakistan and western China
Tadzhik, Tajik - a native or inhabitant of Tajikistan and neighboring areas of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and China
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6 (Letter from Taj Mir "Suborov" to the gorkom of the Central Committee of the Tadjik Communist Party, 19 June 1936).
The $3.2bn Tadjik part of the new project was launched on Sept.
Sans attendre, le gouverneur de la province de Balkh, ancien chef de guerre tadjik, a saisi le representant de l'Afghanistan aupres des Nations unies pour qu'il [beaucoup moins que] proteste [beaucoup plus grand que] officiellement aupres des responsables iraniens et turcs.
These are partly the Turkish or Turko-mongol speaking communities (Uygur, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Bao'an, Dongxiang, Tatar, Ouzbek, Salar) living in the provinces of Northwest China (Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai), a small group of Farsi speakers, the Tadjik in Xinjiang, and partly a population of Chinese speaking Muslims, the Hui, who are scattered all over China.
11-12, President Xi and his Tadjik counterpart Emomali Rakhmon on Sept.
Democratic Party (PD) leader Pier Luigi Bersani voted in his native Piacenza on Sunday, while Five Star Movement leader and comedian Beppe Grillo cast his ballot accompanied by his wife Parvin Tadjik in Genoa on Monday morning.
Of particular concern to Ebadi was the treatment of independent reporters, such as Abdul Reza Tadjik, who has been arrested three times.
The troubled leaders in the Kyrghyz and Tadjik capitals, Bishkek and Dushanbe, have been worried by an apparently declining eagerness of Moscow to jump for their defence when internal crises hit them.
Parviz Mullojanov, director of the Public Committee for Democratic Process, a Tadjik NGO, says: "Hizb ut-Tahrir is a very radical movement, which many people believe has taken root in Uzbekistan and is spreading around the [GME] region from there".