Tadpole fish

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(Zool.) See Forkbeard (a).

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548 consisting of 487 codling, 23 coalfish 16 flounder 3 pout 4 dab 4 whiting, 3 pollock, 3 lsd 3 wrasse, 1 mackerel and 1 tadpole fish.
Darling also took a tadpole fish, dogfish and coalfish.
Tony fished Cowbar Gulley with Dale Miller who also caught a ballan wrasse, along with a tadpole fish.
IF it looks like a tadpole and has a big head that stretches almost one-third of its body, a very large mouth and an overall brown colour, what you've got there is a tadpole fish.
Junior international Adam Scholes had the biggest fish of the day with a 54cm codling, but the most remarkable catch was one of the smallest - Paul Oliver's 14oz tadpole fish. Why?
Also from Roker Pier, there has been a garfish of 1 1/2lb, a tadpole fish of over 1lb and an octopus caught during a competition.
Fishing a species hunt with his granddad Terry Chapman, he easily took the most species - including a tadpole fish.
Chris Woods, from Cowbar Jetty, was runnerup with one tadpole fish and one rockling for 1lb 6.5oz.
IF YOU have never laid eyes on a tadpole fish except in a fishing book photograph, join the club.
A rare tadpole fish is settling into its new native coral reef home at Tynemouth's Blue Reef Aquarium.
Joshua Brennan, fishing from Tynemouth pier in Longbenton and Seaton Burn's match, took a tadpole fish of 8oz.
PAUL Lobley caught a rare tadpole fish at Runswick Bay in the St Mary's match.