n.1.See Tedium.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Quando ci riuscivo, il nuovo amore, il rinnovato amore durava si e no un mese, poi ricominciava la noia, una noia cosi potente che potrei chiamare taedium vitae (138-140).
The feeling of taedium affects all of us and not only configures our character, but also our habits and the world of our design in which we find ourselves immersed.
Horace addresses it, as does Seneca, who incorporates it into a lengthy discussion of taedium and related topics.
Even disgust at this pretentiousness, weariness of the thousand-hued glitter, the taedium vitae that in the end overcomes many, does not set them free.
Such unbearable state of suspension was formerly referred to as taedium vitae--the weariness with life filled with sadness, unfulfilled longings and disappointment by lack of any chance for improvement of the situation.
While the figures of thought, among them "figurae ad docendum" (figures of instruction) and "figurae ad delectandum" (figures of delight) supplemented with "figurae ad taedium" (figures of contempt) can be deemed as general categories delineating the major attitudes of the "Western" public towards Eastern and Central European non-Germanic countries, societies, and cultures, the figures of speech (e.g.