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 (sĭ-mĕt′ĭ-dēn′, -dīn′)
A histamine receptor antagonist, C10H16N6S, that inhibits acid secretion in the stomach and is used to treat duodenal and gastric ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

[Alteration of cy(ano-) + met(hyl) + (guan)idine.]
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(Pharmacology) a drug used to suppress the formation of acid by the stomach and so to encourage the healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers. Formula: C10H16-N6S
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(saɪˈmɛt ɪˌdin)

a substance, C10H16N6S, used for inhibiting gastric secretion in the treatment of duodenal ulcers.
[1975–80; probably ci-, resp. of cy(ano)-2 + met(hyl) + (guan)idine]
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Noun1.cimetidine - a drug (trade name Tagamet) used to treat peptic ulcers by decreasing the secretion of stomach acid
histamine blocker - a medicine used to treat the gastric effects of histamine in cases of peptic ulcers and gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux; works by blocking the effects of histamine on the receptor site known as H2
alkaliser, alkalizer, antacid, antiacid, gastric antacid - an agent that counteracts or neutralizes acidity (especially in the stomach)
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This class includes Tagamet HB (cimetidine), Pepcid (famotidine) and Zantac (ranitidine).
In recent years, the Food and Drug Administration has approved dozens of formerly prescription medications to be sold over the counter, including Exedrin Migraine, Rogaine, Zantac, Tagamet HB, Nicoderm, Claritin, Prilosec, Advil PM, Prevacid and, just last year, the Plan B One Step contraceptive.
The FDA is also advising against combining clopidogrel with other potent inhibitors of the CYP2C19 enzyme, which would be "'expected to have a similar effect." Those drugs include: cimetidine (Tagamet and the OTC formulation Tagamet HB), fluconazole, ketoconazole, voriconazole, etravirine, felbamate, fluoxetine, fluvoxamine, and ticlodipine.
The FDA is also advising against combining clopidogrel with other potent inhibitors of the CYP2C19 enzyme, which would be "expected to have a similar effect." Those drugs include cimetidine (Tagamet and Tagamet HB), fluconazole, ketoconazole, esomeprazole (Nexium), and others.
Just as the advent of such acid blockers as Pfizer Inc.'s Zantac 75, Johnson & Johnson Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals' Pepcid AC and GlaxoSmithKline PLC's Tagamet HB 200 changed the way heartburn sufferers looked at antacids, Prilosec, the first product from a class of drugs known as proton pump inhibitors to be available without a prescription, has taken the category to a new level.
For example, today consumers can buy Tagamet HB or Pepcid AC--drugs commonly used to treat heartburn--off a drugstore shelf, but for many years only a doctor, acting as a "learned intermediary," could prescribe them.
J&J Merck, as well as such other category leaders as GlaxoSmithKline (Phazyme, Tums and Tagamet HB) and Pfizer Inc.
Clearly the gain in 1995 reflects the launch of Pepcid AC in April and Tagamet HB in August.
1999 Dollar sales 2000 1999 1999 Trade class (add 000) share share share Chain drug stores $64,820 35% N/A N/A Discount stores 44,448 24% N/A N/A Food/drug combination stores 42,596 23% N/A N/A Supermarkets 24,076 13% N/A N/A Independent drug stores 9,260 5% N/A N/A Best-sellers by dollar Sales [*] Market Dollar sales Unit sales Brand Manufacturer Share (add 000) add (000) Mylanta J&J-Merck 24.6% $45,592 9,106 Maalox Novartis 21.8% 40,309 7,748 Mylicon J&J-Merck 12.1% 22,441 2,432 Mylanta Supreme J&J-Merck 11.5% 21,337 4,679 Gaviscon SmithKline Beecham 5.8% 10,752 1,383 Beano Black Drug 1.9% 3,556 536 Riopan Plus Whitehall-Robins 1.4% 2,569 413 Tagamet HB 200 SmithKline Beecham 1.2% 2,193 249 Lactaid McNeil 1.0% 1,766 243 (*.)Private label products account for 14.
One recent ad compared prices on 19 remedy items, including Tagamet HB, 16-count box at "H-E-B Everyday Day Low Price" of $2.66 vs.
Randy Coleman, GM/HBC marketing manager of the Anniston, Ala.-based Southeast Division, says his group "smoked" the competition on Tagamet HB last year.