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 (tăg′ən-rŏg′, tə-gən-rôk′)
A city of southwest Russia on the Gulf of Taganrog, an arm of the Sea of Azov. Originally a colony of Pisa, it was annexed by Russia in 1769.


(Russian təɡanˈrɔk)
(Placename) a port in SW Russia, on the Gulf of Taganrog (an inlet of the Sea of Azov): founded in 1698 as a naval base and fortress by Peter the Great: industrial centre. Pop: 281 000 (2005 est)


(ˈtæg ənˌrɒg)

a seaport in the S Russian Federation in Europe, on the Sea of Azov. 295,000.
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Tenders are invited for gbn d.1-218-182: 2011 current average repair (arrangement) of the shock absorber ( damping system ) metal barrier enclosure on the public road m-14 odessa-melitopol-novoazovsk (taganrog), km 17+ 750 km 17 + 800 km 17 + 790 km17 + 940 km 18 + 130 km18 + 150,
Saya membesar dan juga bersekolah di Taganrog, daerah Rostov-on-Don.
- "Krasny Gidropress" company (Taganrog, Rostov region);
Capped 13 times by Moldova, Gajion has played for Russian premier league side Bulava Taganrog, Italian club Rovigo and French outfit Trelissac.
Among the detained are Stanislav Lisov, a computer programmer from Taganrog who was arrested in Barcelona on Jan.
In behalf of the families of OFWs in Russia, we appeal to the concerned authorities to allow access to the jw.org website, remove all JW publications from the List of Extremist Materials and end the persecution of JWs in Taganrog, Samara and other places in Russia.
Project 14-1800014 <<Synthesis of media education and media criticism in the preparation of future teachers>>, performed at Taganrog Management and Economics Institute.
A special scheme has been developed which involves transporting coal to the Russian port Taganrog and its further supply via the Azov and Black Seas to the Middle East, in particular to Iran, Turkey and North Africa.
Proceedings of the XX International Scientific and Technical Conference, Taganrog: TTI YuFU, 2009, pp.
Trucks with humanitarian supplies were also directed from Astrakhan, Tver, Taganrog, Krasnodar and other Russian cities.
If we consider Lower Don as huge latitudinal natural-landscape axis of Rostov Region connecting the mirrors of Taganrog Gulf of Azov sea and Tsimlyansk water reservoir it is easy to notice that it is accompanied all the time by north and south urban belts.