n.1.A little tag.
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At post-test, all EG infants used the provided soft taglet (comforting blanket) with positive feedback from parents, and had a wider variety of appropriate self-soothing methods than the infants in the CG (Fisher's exact test p=0.09): both finger and dummy (pacifier) sucking (EG 41.7%, CG 0); only dummy sucking (EG 25.0%, CG 41.7%); only finger sucking (EG 16.7%, CG 25.0%); no finger or dummy sucking (EG 16.7%, CG 33.3%).
The effect of training the EG mothers in ways to encourage self-soothing was evident when the EG post-test results indicated that 83.3% of infants used finger and/or dummy sucking, and all made use of the provided soft taglet. One infant relied on breastfeeding to self-soothe (instead of a finger/dummy)--this was respected as a personal and cultural choice of the mother.
Today in Taglet Magazine, he delivers the comprehensive profile of an artist unjustly forgotten and a man even more unjustly fated.