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 (tā′gəs) also Ta·jo (tä′hō)
A river of the Iberian Peninsula rising in east-central Spain and flowing generally westward about 1005 km (625 mi) through central Portugal to the Atlantic Ocean.


(Placename) a river in SW Europe, rising in E central Spain and flowing west to the border with Portugal, then southwest to the Atlantic at Lisbon: the longest river of the Iberian Peninsula. Length: 1007 km (626 miles). Portuguese name: Tejo Spanish name: Tajo


(ˈteɪ gəs)

a river in SW Europe, flowing W through central Spain and Portugal to the Atlantic at Lisbon. 566 mi. (910 km) long.
Spanish, Tajo. Portuguese, Tejo.
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Noun1.Tagus - a European riverTagus - a European river; flows into the North Atlantic
Portugal, Portuguese Republic - a republic in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; Portuguese explorers and colonists in the 15th and 16th centuries created a vast overseas empire (including Brazil)
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power


[ˈteɪgəs] NTajo m
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(2016) [12] specify that, out of 10 bacterial strains isolated from mercury-contaminated regions of the Tagus estuary, only three have multidrug resistance.
The Atlantic Ocean and Tagus Estuary breezes play an important role in the urban climate of Lisbon, notably in the ventilation of the waterside districts, where air temperatures are up to 3-4[degrees]C lower than in the city center (Alcoforado et al.
Provided you don't mind a little adrenaline rush in the a.m, skimming along the clear waters of the Tagus estuary is the perfect way to take in the beauty of the Estoril coast and learn about a fascinating area steeped in history, where ancient ruins abound.
In the context of the UNiARQs (Centro de Arqueologia da Universidade de Lisboa) ongoing project, Project FETE-Phoenicians in the Tagus Estuary (PTDC/ EPH-ARQ/4901/2012), we felt it was important to publish these new data, considering that it could allow the integration of Alto do Castelo among a quite dense network of Iron Age settlements that has recently been discovered on the left bank of the Tagus.
Dominating the Tagus estuary is a massive suspension bridge and the Cristo Rei, a huge statue of Christ overlooking the river.
VINCI is already present in infrastructure concessions in Portugal, with a 37% holding in Lusoponte, which manages the 25 April and Vasco da Gama bridges over the Tagus estuary in Lisbon, as well as through its Portuguese operations in engineering and electrical works.
If you take the train along the north bank of the Tagus estuary, you'll discover mile after mile of golden sandy beaches.
Set on a prominent hill overlooking the Tagus estuary, Lisbon's Castelo de Sao Jorge was originally a Moorish citadel.
Tavira and its old centre, with a Roman bridge and no less than 27 churches, is a pleasant place to stroll around, or take the short boat trip down the river to Obidos and Lisbon in a spectacular setting on the Tagus estuary.