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A thick paste made from ground sesame seeds.

[From the colloquial Levantine pronunciation of Arabic ṭaḥīna, from ṭaḥīn, flour, from ṭaḥana, to grind; see ṭḥn in Semitic roots.]


(təˈhiːnɪ) or


(Cookery) a paste made from sesame seeds originating in the Middle East, often used as an ingredient of hummus and other dips
[from Arabic]


(təˈhi ni, tɑ-)

a food paste made of ground sesame seeds.
[1895–1900; < Levantine Arabic ṭaḥīne, derivative of ṭaḥan grind]


A paste made from sesame seeds. Used in Middle Eastern sauces and dips.
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Noun1.tahini - a thick Middle Eastern paste made from ground sesame seeds
paste, spread - a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes


n no plTahina f, → Sesampaste f
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Other mouthwatering items are now included in the menu such as Tomato & Chilli Stuffed Falafel, and Chicken Falafel with tahina & pickles in addition to a wide range of hot mezzeh as well.
Tahina Ramiaramanantsoa, a PhD student at the UniversitAaAaAeA@ de MontrAaAaAe Canada, who led the research, said in (https://www.
Tom Lennon's Lemon Donald displayed fine pace when beating Floury Spuds in the first round and can beat that rival again as well as Tahina Freddie and Man Twenty One.
We started with the regular hummus, mashed chickpeas in tahina sauce drizzled with olive oil, done exactly the way it is normally served.
According to Riyad El Kelany, member of the board of directors of Feather Invest and one of the main founders, the decision made by the board to acquire Arafa is a good example of the company's ability to restructure competitive industries and increase the market share of one of the most important trade and investment brands in Egypt, which has always been famous for the production of Halawa and Tahina, some of the most consumed food products in the market.
KAFI's 2nd industrial operation includes Processing and Hulling of Sesame Seed for Oil Crushers, Sesame Paste and Tahina Producers and Bakeries.
One afternoon during the holiday, Samaritan high priest Abdullah Wasef Tawfiq received a group of Palestinians, employees in the tahina factory he owns, from the neighboring village of Beit Furik.
They also did not have a space to put other ingredient, including mayonnaise, garlic sauce, tahina, etc.
UFC has also recently introduced the Aseel Extra Virgin Olive Oil and trans-fat free ghee; as well as Aseel Olives and Aseel Tahina.
The current range of products include the award winning Houmous range in 1 kilogram pots in 8 recipes from the ever popular Original Houmous to Beetroot and Jalapeno, New Green Cucumbers, Harissa, Tahina, Grilled Pepper Salad and Peri Peri Chickpea Salad as well as a full range of vegetarian soups.
Findings were published October 2015 in the Royal Society Open Science journal by Salvatore Cerchio, Alec Lindsay (Northern Michigan University), Melinda Rekdahl (Wildlife Conservation Society), and Boris Andrianantenaina, Norbert Andrianarivelo, and Tahina Rasoloarijao (Universite de Toliara, Madagascar).
Dishes such as Green Kishk, Shanklish, Basturma (Pastirma), Batarekh (Roe), Warak Enab (Grape Leaves), Hindbeh (Dandelions) with Olive Oil, Lubia with Olive Oil, Siliq Stems in Tahina, Jabalia Salad, Kibbeh Nayyeh and Kafta Nayyeh, apart from the succulent Lebanese grilled platters such as Shiqaf, Taouk-grilled Chicken, Chicken Misahab, Arayes Lahmeh (Meat), Arayes Kafta, Kafta with Yogurt, Kafta Istanbouli, and Kafta with Tahina, might leave you wondering what kind of thought has gone behind this extensive menu.