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 (tä′hō), Lake
A large lake in the mountains on the California-Nevada border west of Carson City, Nevada. It is a popular resort and ski area.


(ˈtɑːhəʊ; ˈteɪ-)
(Placename) Lake Tahoe a lake between E California and W Nevada, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at an altitude of 1899 m (6229 ft). Area: about 520 sq km (200 sq miles)


(ˈtɑ hoʊ)

Lake, a lake in E California and W Nevada, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains: resort. ab. 200 sq. mi. (520 sq. km).
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I speak of the north shore of Tahoe, where one can count the scales on a trout at a depth of a hundred and eighty feet.
Sorrow and misfortune overtake the legislature that still from year to year permits Tahoe to retain its unmusical cognomen
People say that Tahoe means "Silver Lake"--"Limpid Water"--"Falling Leaf.
Tahoe is one thousand five hundred and twenty-five feet deep in the centre, by the state geologist's measurement.
Ruth and her whole family were spending the long summer in the Sierras, at Lake Tahoe.
What was once a parking lot is now a new, expansive village at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, below.
When the wooden boats come out on Tahoe With their sensuous curves, handsome appointments, and powerful engines, Lake Tahoe's finest wooden speedboats are sights to behold.
Paradise Real Estate & Timeshare Resale recently opened a new office in The Shops at Heavenly Village, 4118 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, Suite 5.
And while Mammoth Mountain and the resorts in Lake Tahoe have their share of snow, celebs and party places, things have been different.
Specifically, Pace has integrated three top VOD vendors with its flagship dual-tuner, high-definition Tahoe TDC775 HD-DVR, and its Vegas TDC575 SD-DVR.
One more bonus for High Sierra golfers (and possibly the non-golfing members of their travel parties) is the nightlife available at the glitzy casinos in Reno or along the shores of Lake Tahoe.
The skiing is fantastic," Rebecca Lehmkuhl, a Tahoe City resident and weekend skier at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, said.