Tai Dam

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Noun1.Tai Dam - a branch of the Tai languages
Tai - the most widespread and best known of the Kadai family of languages
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The two districts were also represented by different ethnic groups; whilst Khmu were found in both districts, the Xayaboury district villages additionally consisted of Hmong and Lao ethnicities, whilst ethnic minority groups such as the Tai Dam and Tai Deng were represented in the northern Mai district villages only (Table 1).
This book traces the Indochinese refugee resettlement during Iowa Governor Robert RayAEs term in office, when he created the GovernorAEs Task Force for Indochinese Resettlement in 1975, which brought the Tai Dam ethnic group from northwest Vietnam and other refugees to the state.
Tai-speaking people are found throughout mainland Southeast Asia and southern China and include the Shan of Burma and southern China, the Tai Lue of northern Laos and southern China, the Lao of Laos, and various other Tai groups (such as the Tai Dam or Black Tai, Tho, Nung, and Chuang) of northern Vietnam, northern Laos, and southern China.