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Noun1.Tai Lue - a branch of the Tai languages
Tai - the most widespread and best known of the Kadai family of languages
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The TAEC museum houses four permanent exhibitions representing the country's most well-known ethnic groups--the Akha, Hmong, Tai Lue, and Kmhmu.
A Phongsali, historically part of the Tai Lue kingdom of Sipsongpanna, is set high in northern Laos.
Hudak has played a key role in this effort, helping to produce detailed treatises on the Lungming dialect (1991), on Tai Lue (1996), and on Saek itself; William J.
The specific case presented here involves contrasting outcomes for Tai Lue and Lua people in their relations with Doi Phukha National Park (DPNP), Nan Province, northern Thailand.
The Tai Lue communities claim rights to their community forest within the park, but their village sites and paddy lands lie in a valley outside of it.
Like Jonsson's Mien consultants, the Tai Lue and Lua in this case are engaged in projects of self-definition and claims to rights in response to state regulation and its discursive and political-economic elements.
C2], also named Tai Lue, Tai Sipsong-panna, or Paiyi.
In 1997 Sara Davis arrived in the Sipsongpanna region of Yunnan Province to study the Tai Lue oral poets known as changkhap.
Davis opens her introduction with an account of a trip in search of an old Tai Lue temple.
His mother, Saengla, was ethnically Yong (a Tai Lue people originating from Muang Yong in Burma).
A predominantly Tai Lue population, mostly descendants of immigrants from Sipsongpanna, inhabits the lowlands of the district.
Tai-speaking people are found throughout mainland Southeast Asia and southern China and include the Shan of Burma and southern China, the Tai Lue of northern Laos and southern China, the Lao of Laos, and various other Tai groups (such as the Tai Dam or Black Tai, Tho, Nung, and Chuang) of northern Vietnam, northern Laos, and southern China.