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14, Taihu Brewing has launched a new beverage called "Love Seeker" featuring peach and roselle flavors.
The ceremony included three main activities; Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) ceremony, Taihu Lake Declaration and Presidential Forum of Alliance.
The delegation of Kyrgyzstan is participating in the Fifth Taihu World Cultural Forum in Beijing that will last until October 19.
The fifth conference of the Taihu World Cultural Forum, a Chinese NGO that promotes Chinese culture will be held in Beijingon October 17-19.
In China, the Group has two marinas - the ONE°15 Marina Guishan and the ONE°15 Marina Taihu Lake, Suzhou.
One of the fastest parallel processing supercomputers is from China, named 'Sunway Taihu Light' which costs millions of dollars and consumes thousands of kilowatts of power.
Shengze lies in the Wujiang District of Suzhou in eastern China, close to Lake Taihu, and is famous for its textile industry.
The Taihu watershed has played an important role in the water quantity regulation, industry, agriculture, and tourism.
Oil tanker RBD Anema a Core carrying 67,279 tonnes furnace oil was expected to take berth at FOTCO Oil Terminal on Wednesday, August 30 2017, While M.T North Gas and M.V Chipol Taihu with LPG and General cargo were due to arrive at Port Qasim on same day, and Bulk cargo carrier Sen Treasure and container vessel Suez Canal and CNNI Arauco are due to arrive on Thursday, August 31 2017.
Today, however, it dominates HABs not only in Lake Erie but in polluted waters around the world, including Florida's Lake Okeechobee, the Baltic Sea, Lake Taihu in China, and Lake Ohnuma in Japan.
monitored the Microcystis biomass changes at Meiliang Bay, Lake Taihu, China; Y.