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A Chinese astronaut.

[Mandarin táikōng, outer space (tái, big, from Middle Chinese thaj´; see tai chi + kōng, empty, the sky, from Middle Chinese khəwŋ) + -naut.]
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(Astronautics) an astronaut from the People's Republic of China
[C20: from Cantonese taikon(g) cosmos + -naut]
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Chinese astronauts or "taikonauts" will soon start their training on future treks on Mars at a facility in China's Qinghai province, (https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/03/article/chinas-trek-to-mars-begins-in-frigid-qinghai/) Asia Times  has learned. This region is said to have a terrain that's very similar to that of the Red Planet.
Average Gestation periods in days What are Taikonauts? Chinese astronauts Below is the photograph of the device used for measuring a person's shoe size.
And in the next decade, planners anticipate a lunar landing for taikonauts and a Chinese rover exploring Mars.
The space station completed six docking manoeuvers with Chinese Shenzhou spacecraft, and the first two Chinese taikonauts had also been on board, and even taught a class that was broadcast into schools across the country.
While the station was in service, China successfully sent two manned missions of taikonauts (Chinese astronauts) to work in the laboratories aboard Tiangong 1.
Heck, we have different words for spacefarers depending on their nation of origin--astronauts come from the United States, cosmonauts from Russia, taikonauts from China, spationauts from France--as if their most relevant characteristic is the citizenship of the people who were taxed to foot the bill for the mission.
To better accommodate the crew on their space travel, the taikonauts have been equipped with Bluetooth headsets and audio and video devices allowing them to communicate with their families and watch entertainment programs transmitted from the ground.
China had announced plans in 1992 for a 3 step human spaceflight program, called Project 921, or Shenzhou (actually the name of the capsule which carries its astronauts, or taikonauts).
Which country has space explorers called taikonauts? 9.
China is now a space-faring nation and has made no secret of its ambition to put Chinese "taikonauts" on the moon, while the Russians and the European Union are planning manned space exploration of their own.
The two women later joined China's training program for "taikonauts," as the country dubs its space travelers.
Chinese efforts to send their taikonauts to outer space began in 1992.