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 (dī-go͞o′) also Tae·gu (tī-)
A city of southeast South Korea north-northwest of Busan. It is an industrial and commercial center.
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The bell had been cast in 1456, not 1874, and had been made for the Taisei-ji Zen Buddhist temple (destroyed before World War II) under the reign of King Sho Taiku, known for having commissioned many temple bells dedicated to peace.
Butent socialiniai partneriai, naudodamiesi savo specializuotomis praktinemis ziniomis, galetu padeti ginco salims pasiekti taiku susitarima.
Tambien se conoce como Taegu o Taiku, ya que en la epoca que estuvo ocupada por los japoneses se llamo Taikyu.
Taiku (The Big Sky; 1926) is his only collection, edited posthumously by Ogiwara Seisensui (1884-1976).