Tail coverts

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(Zool.) the feathers which cover the bases of the tail quills. They are sometimes much longer than the quills, and form elegant plumes. Those above the quills are called the upper tail coverts, and those below, the under tail coverts.

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monachus Vieillot, 1817 for central and southeastern South America in the following characters: darker black dorsum; dark gray head and nape; upper tail coverts without visible bands, but with some small white spots; black underwing coverts (black and white in L.
Upper tail coverts, rump, scapulars, crown, and wing coverts are Parrot Green (260) with a weak bronzy sheen.
Upper tail coverts and rectrices detached and central rectrices missing and color cannot reliably be described.
The nestling was weighed (103 g) and described: bill black with pale tip; legs and feet gray with flesh colored pads; eyes dark; plumage lacking from most of head and belly below sternum, skin gray; breast covered in soft tawny feathers tipped buff to give a somewhat mottled appearance; short black feathers surrounded the cloaca; downy under-tail coverts tawny; pin feathers protruded from skin on crown and back; scapulars blackish, edged rufous to golden green; lesser coverts blackish tipped brown, greater coverts blackish tipped buff, remiges blackish with buff margins; upper tail coverts dusky; remiges blackish, new and short, with outer remiges possibly emerging with white tips.