Taimyr Peninsula

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Tai·myr Peninsula


Taimyr Peninsula

(Russian tajˈmir)
(Placename) a large peninsula of N central Russia, between the Kara Sea and the Laptev Sea. Also called: Taymyr Peninsula


(or Tai•mir′) Penin′sula

a peninsula in the N Russian Federation in Asia, between the Kara and Laptev seas.
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Noun1.Taimyr Peninsula - a peninsula in northern Siberia
Siberia - a vast Asian region of Russia; famous for long cold winters
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Gazprom Neft has secured subsoil usage rights for geological prospecting in the west of the Taimyr Peninsula. The twelve blocks, covering a total 5,000 square kilometres, are located in the Dolgano-Nenetsky municipal district in the Krasnoyarsky Krai.
The Taimyr Peninsula in the northern edge of Russia is home to the largest wild reindeer herd in the world which has been regularly monitored for about 50 years now.
Instead, I have singled out three Nganasan morphosyntactic peculiarities where Nganasan differs significantly from its other Northern Samoyedic relatives, whether spoken on the Taimyr Peninsula or elsewhere.
The largest producer of platinum in Russia is also trying to develop the production of nickel on the Taimyr Peninsula. The Montenegrin deposit is to begin commercial operation in 2017, launching mine processing capacity of 2 million tons of ore a year.
At its northernmost it stretches eastwards from the Taimyr Peninsula in Russia to Alaska.
He recovered soil samples of different age during seven expeditions to Arctic Siberia, mainly the Taimyr Peninsula, spanning 16 years.
The new corporate strategy especially targets realization of the full potential of Norilsk's Russian asset base at its Polar Division on the Taimyr peninsula and its Kola Division on the Kola peninsula in Arctic Russia.
Meanwhile, it will focus on high-quality deposits on Russia's Taimyr Peninsula. This business represents the biggest part of the company's production.
Well preserved remains of a mammoth which died about 30,000 years ago were discovered by a boy near a remote weather station in Russia's Taimyr peninsula, about 3,000 kilometres north-east of Moscow.
Population dynamics of lemmings, Lemmus sibiricus and Dicrostonyx torquatus, and arctic fox, Alopex lagopus on the Taimyr Peninsula, Siberia, 1960-2001.
Its operations are based in the Murmansk region and Taimyr Peninsula, Australia, Botswana, Finland and South Africa.
After determining that the historical range of this species included arctic Russia, the FWS arranged for the capture of 40 muskoxen on Nunivak Island, Alaska, for transport to the Taimyr Peninsula and Wrangel Island in Russia.