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n.1.(Zool.) A small nocturnal and arboreal Australian marsupial (Tarsipes rostratus) about the size of a mouse. It has a long muzzle, a long tongue, and very few teeth, and feeds upon honey and insects. Called also noolbenger.
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Comes old American stock, thirsting across the Great American Desert, mule-backing across the Isthmus, wind-jamming around the Horn, to write brief and forgotten names where ten thousand generations of wild Indians are equally forgotten--names like Halleck, Hastings, Swett, Tait, Denman, Tracy, Grimwood, Carlton, Temple.
The precociously-talented Tait, who will be 19 on the day after the match, looks poised to form an allNewcastle midfield partnership with Jamie Noon.
Upon hanging up, Tait made what in hindsight was a costly decision: "I said, `To hell with you.
Canadian Tait is regarded as a rising star and pledged his Test future to his adopted country Wales.
Tait says the Inspector + and City View combination compares favourably with Research In Motion's BlackBerry, has wider coverage, is compatible With any hand-held device, is easily updatable to changing municipal legislation and can work with any municipal software system.
But Gayle and Tait also are encouraging them to increase the number of new applications.
Laughton, Rugby League's master star catcher, had recruited Tait to complement an attacking back line which already included the sensational Martin Ofifah.
The TAIT Winter Mela is one event which members look forward to every year", said Mr Parag Shah, Director, TAIT.
Sonims XP6 and XP7 devices, with dedicated push-to-talk (PTT) and emergency buttons, deliver a mobile radio-centric user interface appropriate to the mission-critical sectors that Tait serves.