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(tɑːˈdʒɪkiː; -ˈdʒiː-) or






(Languages) the language of the Tajik, belonging to the West Iranian subbranch of the Indo-European family
(Peoples) of or relating to the Tajik or their language
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Noun1.Tajiki - the Iranian language of the Tajik that is closely related to Farsi; spoken in Iran and Tajikistan
Iranian language, Iranian - the modern Persian language spoken in Iran
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I've learned several languages, and I can honestly say that Tajiki is easily one of my favorites.
In another direction for software-defined Cloud data centers, Tajiki et al.
- Adil Rahimov, (Abu Amina Uzbeki), 58, Uzbekistan- Farhad Qaderov (Abu Bilal Uzbeki), 28, Uzbekistan- Mohammad Dawlat (Abu Moshab Tajiki), 22, Tajikistan- Askar Zarmanbetov (Abu Dawoud Nougha), 27, Ukraine- Sattibek Oshibaev (Abu Rouqaya), 30, Kazakhistan- Bimuraev Begjan (Abu Sara), 30, Russia- Soulay Noah Su (Abu Souleiman al-Amriki), 16, USA- Lucas Gla[sz] (Abu Ibrahim al-Almani), 31, Germany
He added that our revenue, language and our national anthem and daily interaction are all full of Tajiki words.
What lends credence to IS influence close to our border and probably within the country are videos concerning the names of suicide attackers Rahman Tajiki, Ebrahim Tajiki, Saad Khurasani, Jafar Herati and Muslim Kabuli.
"The division of the Farsi language into Dari, Farsi and Tajiki is contrary to the reality of our common language and the vast expanse of our common culture and civilization," Abdul Hai Khurasani, a scholar and former aide to the late Mujahideen commander Ahmad Shah Massoud wrote in a letter to the director general of the BBC World Service which he posted on Facebook.
London, Dhu-AlQa'dah 19, 1438, Aug 11, 2017, SPA -- London-based Amnesty International concerning of human rights has strongly condemned Iranian authorities following yesterday, Thursday's execution of Alireza Tajiki, a young Iranian man who was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death as a child.
Also, Al-Sisi invited his Tajiki counterpart to visit Egypt on an official visit, and Rahman welcomed the invitation.
'After this race, I will go to the Tour de Tajiki in Japan,' said Crawford, who previously placed second overall in the Tour de Langkawi in Malaysia.
KUWAIT, Oct 1 (KUNA) -- Kuwait SC has beaten the Tajiki Dushanbe-based FC Istiklol 4-0 in their first leg of the semi-final of the Asian Football Confederation CUP (AFC-CUP 2015) here on Wednesday night.
The author believes that while Modern Persian, Dad, and Tajiki form a continuum of dialects, it is difficult to draw dividing lines based on linguistic criteria among the three groups.