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Noun1.Takakkaw - a waterfall in southeastern British ColumbiaTakakkaw - a waterfall in southeastern British Columbia; the highest waterfall in Canada (1250 feet high)
British Columbia - a province in western Canada
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I park at a day-use area near the plunging ribbon of 833-foot-high Takakkaw Falls, grab a rucksack weighed down with food and supplies, and set out for the 78-year-old Stanley Mitchell Hut.
Although Tom Wilson's name is virtually unknown today, even to Canadians, it is preserved in the name Mount Wilson, east of the Columbia Icefield, and in a bronze plaque, erected on a rock near the great Takakkaw Falls in the Yoho Valley.
* For hiking The unsung Yoho National Park of Canada (pc.gc.ca), next door to Banff National Park, for 833-foot Takakkaw Falls, uncrowded hiking trails, and the teeny "town" of Field, home to Truffle Pigs Bistro ($$$; closed Tue; 250/343-6303) and rustic-luxe Cathedral Mountain Lodge (May 21-Oct 1; from $186 U.S.; cathedralmountain.com).