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A city of central Honshu, Japan, northwest of Tokyo. A silk-manufacturing center, the city is noted for its statue of Kannon, goddess of mercy.
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Commenting on the product Bruce Takasaki, Marketing Product Manager for Camera Motion Systems said: "With the launch of SmartShell V5.0 and the innovative new MotionDirector algorithm, we're helping customers control their Ross Camera Motion Systems more easily and precisely than ever before.
Commenting on the forthcoming event, Bruce Takasaki, Marketing Product Manager for Camera Motion Systems, is looking forward to demonstrating the full solutions range in Europe.
There's no rest for her and her team, as they prepare to fly to Takasaki, Japan, in May to compete at the Cheerleading Asian International Open Championships and Asian Junior Cheerleading Championships, where
Many years ago walleye pro Ted Takasaki taught me how to use a two-way rig.
It thus follows the examples of a wide range of studies on global public relations (see Ki & Ye, 2014; Sriramesh, Kim, & Takasaki ,1999; Taylor, 2000) and aligns with a managerial orientation toward effective public relations in different cultural contexts.
The radiation effect on the computer was also tested by Takasaki Ion Accelerators for Advanced Radiation Application (TIARA), he added.
Fumihiko TAKASAKI for "Studies of CP Violation in the B-Meson System"
Motoyuki Tsuboi, Satoshi Kutsuna, Yasuyuki Kato, Eri Nakayama, Ken-ichi Shibasaki, Shigeru Tajima, Tomohiko Takasaki, Yuichi Katanami, Kei Yamamoto, Nozomi Takeshita, Kayoko Hayakawa, Shuzo Kanagawa, Norio Ohmagari
It's par for the course that our heroine does stupid things, like running off in pursuit of a shadowy figure in the middle of the night -- but the chase leads her to Rina Takasaki as a wonderfully creepy teenage schoolgirl: "No trust him!" she warns, meaning presumably Aidan.
She ignores his dire warnings and strays from the path to chase a phantom-like schoolgirl called Hoshiko (Rina Takasaki), who may or may not be a product of Sara's febrile imagination.