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(ˌtɑ kətˈsu ki, təˈkɑt sʊ ki)

a city on S Honshu, in Japan: a suburb of Osaka. 360,000.
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Yamasaki K, Takeyoshi M, Sawaki M, Imatanaka N, Shinoda K, Takatsuki M.
The artist was born in 1933 in Takatsuki City, near Osaka, Japan, but didn't begin studying etching until he was 30 years old, working with professor Furuno Yoshio.
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OSAKA - The election board of Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture, issued 62 voters with ballot papers for the constituency and proportional-representation sections of the House of Councillors election in the wrong order, it said Sunday.
Panasonic looking to sell half of Takatsuki plant site
Asahi Kasei said it earmarked expenses in the 2010 business year ended in March last year for a project to decontaminate polluted soil at its own land in the city of Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture.
We are grateful for the cooperation and support of the residents of both cities and staff at Osaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health, Osaka Prefecture Public Health Centers, Osaka City Public Health Center, Sakai City Public Health Center, and Takatsuki City Public Health Center.
The 30 children aged between 10 and 13 from football team Takatsuki are playing five games against school and academy sides during their stay in the UK.
There was further good news for Tom Wyatt's lads when Takatsuki City announced, despite Japan's present difficulties, they will be touring the UK.