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Noun1.Takelma - a member of a North American Indian people of southwestern Oregon
Penutian - a member of a North American Indian people speaking one of the Penutian languages
2.Takelma - a Penutian language spoken by the Takelma
Penutian - a family of Amerindian language spoken in the great interior valley of California
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Intermediary Zone 6-7: Comanche; Huron, Wyandot; Lenape; Tuscarora; Potawatomi; Kalapuya; Takelma; Shasta, Chimariko; Alsea; Achomavi; Yana; Yuki; Lassik, Catho; Kolchan; Hare; Eastern Cree; Han; Beaver; Slavey, Dogrib; Osage, Kansa; Oto; Eastern Keres; Western Keres; Chumash; Lower Chinook; Alabama, Koasati; Creek, Seminole; Cherokee; Natchez; Yuchi; Choktaw, Chichasaw; Mandan; Hidatsa; Kiowa; Kiowa-Apache;
THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO, at the beginning of Takelma Indian time, the Great Dragonfly called Daldal brought the Salmon Ceremony to Ti'lomikh Falls on the river that is now called the Rogue.
He is a member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde and descendant of the Santiam Kalapuya, Takelma and Chinook tribes.
covering both well-known and obscure tribal groups, including the Salish and Kootenai of the Flathead reservation, and also the near extinct Takelma tribe of Athabascan affinity.
Takelma (62) Mena yap'a t'om[??]-k'wa bear man kill(REALIS)-3HUMAN_OBJECT 'The bear killed the man' (Chung and Timberlake 1985: 244; from Sapir 1922: 158)
His shipboard assignments included the: USS Iwo Jima, USS Forrestal, USS Saratoga, USS Takelma, USS Samuel Gompers and USS Leftwich.
The First Nations Tribal Collection consists of documents, books, and articles relating to the indigenous people of this area, including the Klamath, Modoc, Yahuskin, Takelma, Shasta, Coos, Cow Creek Band of Umpqua, and Hupa nations.
I am a member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde and hold hereditary ties with the Santiam Kalapuya, Chinook, and Takelma peoples of Oregon.
Less than eight miles east of Shady Cove, Takelma Drive is on the left.
On our first First Nations Day, October 10th, we moved the Takelma Indian Storytelling Stone to a place of honor overlooking Ti'lomikh Falls on the Rogue River.
Sunday, EWEB River Plaza; free; also, book signing with Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Takelma Siletz spiritual elder at 7 p.m.