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Noun1.takeover bid - an offer to buy shares in order to take over the company
two-tier bid - a takeover bid where the acquirer offers to pay more for the shares needed to gain control than for the remaining shares
any-and-all bid - a takeover bid where the acquirer offers to buy any and all shares outstanding
tender offer - an offer to buy shares in a corporation (usually above the market price) for cash or securities or both
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The public takeover bids are being conducted in line with the applicable legal requirements.
CHAIRMAN David Gold has insisted Birmingham will not entertain any more takeover bids until at least next summer as he called for "a period of stability" at the club.
has asked some Japanese automakers to buy or increase equity stakes in the special steel manufacturer in a bid to ward off potential hostile takeover bids, sources close to the matter said Tuesday.
said Thursday it has decided on an advanced registration of an equity warrant issue to ward off possible hostile takeover bids.
Europe is experiencing a wave of merger initiatives, and, at the same time, a wave of state intervention against market-driven, cross-border takeover bids.
Gavin Masterton, the bank's treasurer and managing director, said: "We will fight off any potential takeover bids by continuing to produce quite excellent results like these.
told the conglomerate's board Friday to throw out its 5-year-old ``poison pill,'' a corporate bylaw designed to prevent unwelcome takeover bids.
It requires companies to explain, in detail and on the record, how their hostile takeover bids would be beneficial for Ohio consumers, businesses and communities," Goodman said.
The company also said that the plan "is not intended to deter takeover bids.
A pirate female whose takeover bids fail hits a genetic dead end.
Forest have already been the subject of two takeover bids this season, both of which were rejected by shareholders.
The Company has no knowledge of any pending or threatened takeover bids for the Company, and has no reason to believe that any takeover offer for the Company's shares is imminent.