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n. pl. tak·fir·is Islam
One who practices takfir.

[Arabic takfīrī, from takfīr, takfir; see takfir.]

tak′fir′i adj.
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Jamiat Ulema-i-Pakistan president Pir Ijaz Hashmi said through the alliance the religious forces rejected takfeeri slogans and presented a concept of collective leadership.
President Pakistan Ulema Council Islamabad Maulana Abdul Hameed Sabri said that "Takfeeri and Kharji" groups were responsible for attacking at Madina Munawwara and all these elements are traitors of Muslims and Islam.
The Ministry of interior said in a statement that it has been proven that the two boys had been brain-washed by Takfeeri ideology.
Arguing that Takfeeri logistics in Arsal have been effectively disrupted by the Syrian army's latest victories in Homs, Raad challenged the government to move against remaining NOSRA fighters in Qalamoun rather than just sit idly and watch.
He said the interior ministry's statement reflects a clear Islamic vision based on the holy Quaran and Prophet's Sunnah (deeds and sayings of the prophet (pbuh) in confrontation with the violators of the Islamic legal methodology and instead believing in the Takfeeri (expiatory) thought aiming at terrifying the peaceful and killing the innocents.
He said that Zionist regime is after creating internal dispute in the Islamic world, raising disturbance in the region, supporting takfeeri groups like Daesh and promoting religious extremism.
They warned against the "Takfeeri" methodology and the destruction it brings about, the blood it sheds and the innocent souls it kills," added Halabi whose books are translated into more than ten languages.He also referred to the consensus of Muslim scholars that protecting foreigners who come to our countries is an obligation and that they have equal rights as all citizens regardless of their religion.
In a statement, the court said those accused of following the Takfeeri approach (self-proclaiming that somebody is an infidel and is to be killed), contradicting the nation's religion, joining an underground cell call the youths to follow their Takfeeri thinking, traveling to areas where battles are going on under the leadership of world-known terrorists, financing them, providing cover-ups to some of them, plotting to assassinate foreigners working in the Kingdom, fire attacking them in Saudi Arabia and other crimes, were convicted to different terms of prison ranging from eleven months to 20 years.
As a mosque imam and preacher, he was instrumental in guiding one terrorist to eschew the Takfeeri (labeling others as infidels) ideology and eventually surrendering to the security authorities," he said.
The visiting delegation representing leading Muslim/Christian clans presented the patriarch with a document calling among other things for the establishment of a nation state, regarding the army as a national shield of all, confronting Takfeeri terrorism, consolidating national unity, through government intervention by drafting a fresh electoral law, electing a new president, supporting civil societal organizations, combating unemployment through equitably balanced economic development, encouraging the return of expatriates, the encouragement of the repatriation of Syrians displaced into Lebanon, and remaining constantly alert towards Israeli threats.
NNA - Ostritch-like attitude of certain politicians make them fail to realize the extent of the existential threat posed by Takfeeri schemes, Hizbullah deputy of the House Hasan Fadlullah, stated during his party's annual commemoration of Bint Jbeil fallen fighters today.
Al-Sayyed who hailed Asad's army's "cleansing action" along the Syrian-Lebanese border as "a successful clearing off Takfeeri terrorists", added that such action enabled the Lebanese military to exercise full control over their side of the border in conjunction with the Syrians.