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n. Slang
A person below the age of consent with whom sexual intercourse can constitute statutory rape.


slang a young woman, or young women collectively, considered sexually attractive but below the age of consent



n. Slang.
a girl with whom sexual intercourse is punishable as statutory rape because she is under the legal age of consent.
[1930–35, Amer.]
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Carp kept taking the bait and he won with104lb 8oz.
Bale had already upset Roy Hodgson by saying that the Welsh squad were more passionate than their counterparts from across the Severn Bridge and delighted yesterday in Jack Wilshere taking the bait after the England midfielder disputed the claim.
But just lately I have noticed some of our councillors seemingly taking the bait and getting themselves drawn into slanging matches on this particular website.
Raj, however, is not taking the bait and waiting to be given a better deal.
But while he won't be taking the bait, he warned opener David Warner might take a different approach.
MY WEEK Punting high Getting with all-the-way Kempton winner Line Artic, who completed an across-the-card double for jockey Liam Heard (underused and deserves more opportunities to showcase his talents) Punting low Backing everything in running bar Leggy Lad in a maiden hurdle at Naas and getting that sinking feeling looking up at my position to see a thick block of red next to Stephen McConville's seven-year-old Taking the bait I can't believe Binocular has made my Champion Hurdle portfolio, falling for him hook, line and sinker after hearing upbeat reports Backhanded compliment It was nice to meet Galway's answer to Jedward on Monday night, who upon introducing themselves said: "Ah, Matt, we are big fans of the column, but you're not as good as that Tom Segal or Donn McClean.
Often when you are surface fishing you will see a lot of fish cruising but very few taking the bait.
It was a masterclass in how to ask leading guestions, but credit to Bellamy for not taking the bait.
Nobody's taking the bait,'' said Phil, an off-duty private investigator and member of the LAPD's Devonshire Volunteer Surveillance Team.