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n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
A fundamentalist Muslim group of Afghanistan and western Pakistan, known for its military and paramilitary activities.

[Pashto tālibān, pl. of tālib, student, from Persian, from Arabic, seeker, student, from ṭalaba, to seek; see ṭlb in Semitic roots.]
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(ˈtælɪbæn) ,




(Islam) (in Afghanistan) a fundamentalist Islamic army: in 1996 it defeated the ruling mujaheddin factions and seized control of the country; overthrown in 2001 by US-led forces, although resistance continues, esp in the south
[C20: from Arabic tāliban seekers]
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Noun1.Taliban - a fundamentalist Islamic militia; in 1995 the Taliban militia took over Afghanistan and in 1996 took Kabul and set up an Islamic government; "the Taliban enforced a strict Muslim code of behavior"
religious movement - a movement intended to bring about religious reforms
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A. NPL the Talibanlos talibanes
B. ADJtalibán/ana
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ntaliban(e) m/f, Taliban(e) m/f
the Taliban → les talibans
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nTaliban f
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