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Noun1.Talinum - genus of mainly American more-or-less succulent herbs
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
family Portulacaceae, Portulacaceae, purslane family - family of usually succulent herbs; cosmopolitan in distribution especially in Americas
Talinum aurantiacum, flame flower, flameflower, flame-flower - plant with fleshy roots and erect stems with narrow succulent leaves and one reddish-orange flower in each upper leaf axil; southwestern United States; Indians once cooked the fleshy roots
narrow-leaved flame flower, Talinum augustissimum - similar to Talinum aurantiacum but with narrower leaves and yellow-orange flowers; southwestern United States
pigmy talinum, Talinum brevifolium - low plant with crowded narrow succulent leaves and fairly large deep pink axillary flowers that seem to sit on the ground; southwestern United States
rock pink, Talinum calycinum - pink-flowered perennial of rocky regions of western United States
spiny talinum, Talinum spinescens - low cushion-forming plant with rose to crimson-magenta flowers and leaf midribs that persist as spines when the leaves die; southwestern United States
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The roses in this trend include Purity, Coral Rose, Apricot, Peach rose, and Carey, while other flowers that construct this design are Dahlia, Hydrangea, Carnation, Tulip, Talinum, Snapdragon, Alstroemeria, and Ranunculus.
One can walk around cool stoney areas and find Talinum, which is related either to spinach and lettuce.
Monotony was broken by garnish: kangkong, ampalaya, kamote, talinum, spinach or alugbate, whichever was available.
Agbaire PO Nutritional and Anti-nutritional levels of some local vegetables (Vernomia anydalira, Manihot esculentus, Teiferia occidentalis, Talinum triangulare, Amaranthus spinosus) from Delta State Nigeria.
Relationship between ploidal level and CAM in five species of Talinum (Portulacaceae).
Anti-diabetic effects of polysaccharides from Talinum triangulare in streptozotocin (STZ)-induced type 2 diabetic male mice.
Seed germination in cedar glade Talinum calcaricum.
The goal is to conserve biodiversity and strengthen rural women livelihoods and the activities of the project involve production of forest vegetables at homestead, Gnetum africanum (Afang) and Talinum triangulare (Waterleaf) using organic manure , mulching for soil water conservation, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and metal spiked stakes which are environmental friendly and sustainable.
Nicotiana glauca M Ps Tcpr Graham Solanum rostratum Dunal P mEq Tcpr Talinaceae Talinum aurantiacum M mEq Pcp Engelm.
Nassau/New Providence January (Apocynaceae) 12, 1932 Talinum paniculatum (Jacq.